The Mission

Beachland Ballroom and Tavern co-owner Cindy Barber, with the help of many veterans in the Cleveland music scene, launched the non-profit Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present and Future during the Summer of 2012. The organization supports and grows Cleveland’s music scene and also documents the rich legacy of the region as an important historic center of rock and roll and other popular music.

The Cleveland RocksPPF four point mission includes:

1. The Legacy Project: Cleveland should not lose another local hero without getting the stories down on tape (and there are so many). This look at the past may also include supporting or creating documentary, book and other projects concerning Cleveland’s unique legacy in rock and roll.

2. Cleveland Rocks Now: Cleveland area is populated with talent, and many are making their mark nationally. This project will reinforce the idea that Cleveland is currently populated with a rich popular music culture and help these talents progress while finding a way to stay and grow in Cleveland.

3. Music Saves The Future: We already have a manufacturing music business infrastructure, this project will create a network so that music-focused businesses can interact and everyone from local musicians to investors can be made aware of what our music business community has to offer and start the discussion of how it can grow.

4. Keep It Live: Recorded music is not enough; the richness of the live concert experience is what grew rock and roll with bands literally playing in their garages, legion halls, and small clubs. This aspect will encourage Cleveland to appreciate and showcase the live music experience and become identified with the popular music performance as part of our ongoing legacy.