Current Exhibition / On the Pulse: Latest Works by, Jamie A. Bradley

On the Pulse: Latest Works by, Jamie A. Bradley

This exhibition focuses on the ‘here and now’ of the Cleveland independent music community. It is true that Cleveland has a rich musical heritage but the scene is ever expanding and morphing; reinvention is all part of what makes Cleveland unique. My love for music, photography, and Cleveland is a perfect union that can be seen in this latest exhibit. I first picked up a camera in middle school, and learned to shoot and develop film and prints with my father, who was a local Graphic Arts and Photography Teacher. I have been inspired and awed ever since. The images featured in this show, were taken between 2009-2016 and include local bands such as, Ace and The Ragers, Alan Madej, Arms and Armour, Another Mother’s Milk, Barry Halls, Blaka Watra. Boy In Love, Brainwave, Bullfighter Bwak Dwagon, Deche, Disengage, Dollar Drafts, Erienauts, Emotional Support Pigs, Ex Astronaut, Fever Child, Flannel Response, Fuck You Pay Me, Goldmines, Heavenly Queen, Hiram Maxim, Kid Tested, Kill the Hippies, Kong Sauce, Lionel Jefferson Airplane, Ma Holos, Meanderthal, Miss Macy and the Low Pay Daddy’s, New Planet Trampoline, Nico Missle, Obnox, Pack Wolf, Parrot Heads, Pig Flayer, Queen of Hell, Sammy Slims, Swirly and The Fryer, The Rainbow Emergency, Rubber Mate ThunderCougarFalconHawk, Tonawandas, Trios, Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival Band, Uno Lady, Vel and The Velcats, Vivora, and Wild Wings and many more.
I have shot at a number of venues and at many events including: Annabell’s, The Beachland, The Bevy, Happy Dog, Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern, Blazing Saddle Cycle, Cleveland Velodrome, Coda,The Five O’Clock, The Grog, The Jigsaw, Peabodys, The Spitfire, Stone Tavern Kent, Lake Effect Studios, The Kent Stage, Packy Malley’s, Mahall’s, Maple Lanes, Now That’s Class, Musica, Music Box Supper Club, Pat’s In The Flats, Survival Kit, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Tobey’s. Cleveland is not only rich in local talent but the city also offers the amenities as well as makes for a spectacular backdrop for all sorts of amazing touring acts. I have also had the opportunity to shoot touring acts such as: ChaChi On Acid, James McMurtry. Jungle Rockers, Guitar Wolf, King Buffalo, New Bomb Turks, Wake The Dead and White Mystery. Please join us in celebrating the Greater Cleveland Area musical community.