2023-2024 Music Incubator Artist

Corry Michaels

Corry Michaels

Corry Michaels, a multi-talented artist, singer, songwriter, and producer based in the vibrant music scene of Cleveland, Ohio. At the youthful age of 27, Corry has already made waves in the pop genre with his hit album ‘GIVE ALL YOURSELF,’ released in 2020. He also gained recognition with his 2017 EP ‘Die to Me.’ Beyond his music, he’s a passionate LGBTQ advocate, using his platform to champion important causes. Corry has taken his mesmerizing sound on the road, having already completed memorable tours such as ‘The Black&Blue Tour,’ ‘The ‘Hi, I’m Corry’ Tour,’ and the successful ‘Summer23 Tour.’ His tours aren’t just about music; they’re experiences that bring fans closer to his artistry. With standout singles like ‘Close,’ ‘Fair Fight,’ ‘Black and Blue,’ and ‘Break the Ice,’ Corry’s music is a harmonious blend of catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. His music not only resonates with the heart but also speaks to the soul, making him a true artist for the times. Corry Michaels, the pop sensation from Cleveland, is not just making music; he’s making a difference and leaving an indelible mark in the world of music and advocacy.



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