Music census hopes to measure the impact of Cleveland’s live entertainment industry

September 27, 2023 // Local groups that helped support independent entertainment venues throughout the ups and downs of COVID-19 — including netting $135 million in federal Shuttered Venue Operators Grants for Northeast Ohio — are launching a new effort aimed at quantifying the economic impact of the live music and entertainment industries in the region. []

New survey planned to determine health of Cleveland’s music scene

September 27, 2023 // A census of the Cleveland music scene is in the works to gauge how the industry is doing. Organized by the Cleveland Independent Venue Association, the survey will try to measure the social and economic impacts of live entertainment. []

8 Cities with Underrated Music Scenes

August 10, 2023 // Some cities carry nicknames that nod to their impressive musical roots, like Nashville’s Music City or New York City’s the Big Apple (a nod to jazz musicians). But, famed musicians can hail from all around the country, and many smaller towns have massively impressive roots in music that may not be widely known. From iconic recording studios to birth and resting places for musical innovators, check out these eight eight cities with underrated music scenes. []

Cleveland Rock History

Beachland Ballroom Hosts 3rd Celebration of Cleveland Rock and Roll History

On Sunday, August 27, Deanna and Ray will conduct live interviews on stage with many who helped make a musical impact through the decades. Ray will play snippets of music before, and in between, interviews, and they’ll be vintage photographs displayed, as well as books for sale by several of the participants.

Cleveland’s Downtown Busker Program returns for second year

June 20, 2023 // Downtown Cleveland Inc., is bringing back the Downtown Busker Program for its second year.The official street-performance program features 20 pre-selected “pitch” (the area buskers perform) locations and guides for potential buskers to help them find their perfect “pitch.”Each pitch location was selected by Downtown Cleveland Inc. to maximize pedestrian visibility near hot spots and offer room for creative freedom in performing. []

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