CR:PPF Music Incubator / Accelerator Program

About the Music Incubator Program

The CR:PPF Music Incubator program, part of the Neighborhood Connections Entrepreneur Incubator Initiative, is a micro-loan and round-table community based small music business support group. Local artists present project proposals, get connected with other artists and support volunteers, share ideas and opportunities, direct a conversation around their projects and music. Artists are eligible for loans up to $2000 for the projects they propose. Artists participate in workshops, professional development, and performance opportunities. The Music Incubator program accepts applications once a year. 

About the Music Accelerator Program

The Music Accelerator program is one of the CR:PPF’s programs to connect Greater Cleveland music artists with resources necessary for success. The Accelerator is aimed at artists who have developed a fan base in the local scene who are working to expand their reach and raise their profile regionally and nationally. CR:PPF knows we have world-class talent here, and we have to work to let the world know it. The Accelerator works by providing artists in the program access to professional services, expert advice, and network building. Accelerator artists are selected by CR:PPF staff, board, and advisors.

2023-2024 Music Incubator / Accelerator Participants

Apostle Jones

Apostle Jones

Bringing a spirited stage performance and entertaining show,  Apostle Jones brings the spirit stomping roots of Rock’n’Roll and Soulful Blues to listeners.

Clare Feorene

Clare Feorene

Clare Feorene is a singer songwriter who writes using mellifluous melodies inspired by folk musicians mixed with catchy chord progressions found in indie pop music.

Jenna Fournier

Kid Tigrrr

Jenna Fournier, who performs under the name Kid Tigrrr, is an American indie singer-songwriter best known for her surreal and whimsical visual art and for fronting Niights, an alternative rock outfit defined by elements of dream-pop and shoegaze.

Maura Rogers & The Bellows

MR&B are a modern twist on Americana, with tasteful bits of folk and classic rock. The passionate vocals and prolific songwriting of Maura Rogers are supported by lush harmonies, a dynamic rhythm section, and intricate arrangements with driving accordion and guitar leads.

Corry Michaels

Corry Michaels is a multi-talented artist, singer, songwriter, and producer who has made waves with his 2020 album, “Give All Yourself.”

Thor Platter

Known for his soulful, Americana-infused sound and poetic lyrics, Thor Platter has been a staple in the roots music scene for years. 

Wave Rowanne

Wave Magnetik (producer and trumpeter) and Rowanne Atallah (Lebanese performing artist) have joined musical forces creating melodic infectious dance music symbolizing unity in diversity. 

Music Incubator Program FAQs

How does the program work?

  1. Meet with a Cleveland Rocks team member to learn about the CR:PPF Music Incubator program. 
  2. Work with a mentor to prepare your business plan and loan application.
  3. Attend support meetings twice per month. 
  4. Continue working one-on-one with your mentor throughout the life of the loan. 
  5. Complete 12 monthly payments

What are the benefits of the program?

  • 12-month business loans at 1% interest 
  • Mentor support 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Business planning 
  • Marketing help 
  • Legal, tax, and financial advice

What types of projects qualify for a loan?

Eligible projects include but are not limited to:

  • Tours 
  • Equipment purchases 
  • Merchandise purchases
  • Studio time for upcoming releases

Who is eligible to apply?

If you are 18 years or older and are an active member of Northeast Ohio’s music community, you are eligible to apply for a microloan.


You will work with a mentor who will be your point of contact for questions regarding the CR:PPF Music Incubator Program. Your mentor will also provide support on basic business issues. Additional support is offered when groups of mentors and loan recipients meet at the hour-long, twice-monthly group meetings. Loan recipients are encouraged to network with each other throughout the year.

No. Grants are not part of this program.

Your name and address, basic information, and an outline of the business idea will be required.

Credit status is not a consideration for the CR:PPF Music Incubator Program. Rather, it is the business idea and your commitment to participate in the program that will determine if a loan is approved.

CR:PPF Music Incubator is part of the Neighborhood Connections Entrepreneur Incubator Initiative
Neighborhood Connections

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