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We want to welcome musicians and music lovers alike to get involved with Cleveland Rocks: Past Present Future. Many folks have helped by donating to our NEO Music Relief Fund and are now on our email list. You can simply do that to be part of our community, one that is working on maintaining, connecting and growing a music ecosystem in Northeast Ohio. If you would like to get more involved, we are developing a committee structure and would love folks with skills to contribute and be a part of making this small non-profit build capacity. Right now we have a Marketing Committee that is looking for graphic design support, a Facilities Committee that is developing plans for a local live streaming network, and a Programming Committee that is quickly developing new projects to help local musicians like the Gift of Song we announced for the holidays where community members can hire songwriters to write a special song or perform for a loved one as a gift.

If you want to contribute or inquire on how you might be able to help, just email

We also want to thank our NEO Music Relief Fund volunteer grant committee who took the time to screen applicants and make informed decisions as responsible music community members. They are now also helping with the new SaveCLEVenues Fund we have started.  Thank you Lisa Claus, Lisa Vincequerra, John Panza, and Afi Scruggs.

Marketing Committee

Co-chaired: Shannon Dolan, board memberDawn Marshman, board member

Programming Committee

Chair: David Allen Moss, board member

  • Fanon Hill, board member
  • Dawn Marshman, board member
  • Lisa Claus, grant committee
  • Lisa Vincequerra, grant committee
  • Tim Connors, volunteer
  • Mike Kinsella, former board member

Facilities Committee

  • Regis Sedlock, former board member
  • Ryan Laubenthal, staff
  • Shannon Dolan, board member
  • Marius Juodisius, volunteer
  • Mark Krieger, volunteer
  • Mark Benton, volunteer
  • Brandon David Hawkins, volunteer
  • John Ban, volunteer

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