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A Celebration of The Return of Live Music

A Celebration of The Return of Live Music at the Beachland Ballroom on Sun, Nov 7 @ 7pm. Hosted & Curated by Charlie Wiener

A Celebration Of

The Return of Live Music

Hosted and curated by Charlie Wiener

Come Join Jon Mosey, Alex Bevan, Cary Mathews, Tracy Marie, Jim Ballard, Ray Flanagan, GS Harper, Rachel Brown, Jeff Varga, Austin Walkin’ Cane, Anita Keys Ryann Anderson, Bob Frank and others as we join together in Celebration of NEO Music/songwriters.

All Proceeds go to Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present and Future!!!


“It Ain’t over but I can see the light over the horizon!!

Now is the time for singing, hunkering down can kiss my ass

The clouds are clearing the storms have now abated

Sunny skies are shining down as long as your vaccinated.” –Charlie Wiener


We celebrate and pay tribute to the return, no matter how limited, of live music. No more FB concerts, pay per view, sit in yer own damn living room drinking wine, beer and liquor, and pretend.

It is time for live musicians, playing live music to a roomful (Well, a 2021 roomful) of live people drinking wine, beer and liquor!! Come celebrate the return of life for the intelligent, caring folks with vaccination cards or recent negative tests.

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