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Terra Ohio City Songwriting Contest

  1. The song must be completed in it’s entirety within the contest dates – no using old songs or previous ideas. Honor code!

  2. The song must be submitted by Friday, July 23 at 12p ET.

  3. Voting will commence at 12p ET on Saturday, July 24th and end at 12p ET on Sunday, July 25th. The winners will be announced on Monday, July 26th.

    1. This will be crowd-sourced voting, so once it starts, feel free to share with your network. The link for listening and voting will be provided and announced on TERRA Songwriting’s Instagram account (@terrasongwriting)

  4. The song must follow this prompt (can be a loose association, but should be traceable): North Sky.

  5. The song must at least be submitted as a voice memo, but feel free to produce it to your liking if you have the time.

  6. Submissions are to be emailed directly to me – eabisbee@gmail.com – I will then create a file share for the submissions.

  7. You can form teams with other members – but keep in mind the time constraint and the prizes.

  8. If your song includes cover artwork, you’ll automatically receive a bonus vote.


    1. First prize: Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface (used) and two(2) power cables ($700 value)

    2. Second prize: Free admission to a TERRA Songwriting Retreat (must be used within 12 months) ($500 value)

    3. Third prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Made Cleveland.

Full Details here: https://www.terraohiocity.com/contest

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