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Waterloo Makes Music: Jenna Fournier and Rob Kovacs

Waterloo Makes Music is a free concert series on Waterloo as a gift to all the music lovers in the community, and a celebration of Cleveland’s amazing musical legacy.

Rob Kovacs is an award-winning composer, pianist, recording artist, music streamer and college professor. He has gained notoriety for his virtuosic note-for-note piano arrangements of classic video game soundtracks mainly from the original Nintendo Entertainment System under the name 88bit. Additionally, Kovacs has composed music for several award-winning short films, rock bands and most recently the critically acclaimed virtual reality game STRAYLIGHT – a revolutionary VR platforming experience.

Kid Tigrrr is Jenna Fournier, a singer-songwriter best known for her surreal and whimsical visual art and for fronting Niights, an alternative rock outfit defined by elements of dream-pop and shoegaze. Her solo work maintains the band’s ethereal, atmospheric quality and pop sensibility while taking a more minimal approach to instrumentation. Fournier grew up in Las Vegas before transplanting to Cleveland, OH, where she began playing coffee shops, open mics, and touring regionally until eventually forming Niights. She signed with her first label, 2670 Records (Japan) in 2013 with both a solo EP, Small Reflections, and Niights’ debut album, Whisper, completing an international tour with each release. Niights later signed to Tragic Hero Records (USA) in 2015. Fournier released her second EP as a solo artist, The Little Dreamer, exclusively in Japan in conjunction with a returning tour there in 2017, followed by Niights’ sophomore release of Hellebores, which was supported by tours in the USA and Japan as well. Fournier parted with her label in February of 2020 and is currently recording a full solo debut as an independent self-producing artist while continuing to write with Niights.
Photo Credit: Jarrod Berger
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