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Workbench Session: Healthcare is Not a Privilege

Healthcare is a tough topic for creative workers. Lack of access to healthcare resources is all-to-familiar story in the arts and culture industries. The MetroHealth System is committed to offering healthcare support to our local creative communities and offers many free and low-cost services. Learn more about how you can access these readily available services and take steps toward a healthier life as a creative. The MetroHealth team will present, providing an in-depth look at their offerings and we’ll provide updates on our on-going conversations around healthcare and creative workers.

Workbench Sessions are free workshops and trainings Assembly is offering throughout 2022, focused on connecting creative workers to practical resources, valuable networks and special opportunities.

Topics for each session have been developed based on arts community input or identified as areas of priority need or interest by our creative workers. We’re working with experts and partners to help Assembly Teach, Connect and Provide for all parts of the creative community, including individual artists, nonprofit organizations and creative businesses. Stronger arts and culture means thriving residents, vibrant and safer neighborhoods, more effective education and community well-being.

More about the event: https://secure.assemblycle.org/np/clients/cultureforward/event.jsp?event=4825

Virtual Meeting URL: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89596623671?pwd=TE5CZklwWDBaNE9kSUNxNTRNRHAzdz09

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