"When The Lights Come On Again"

An original song collaboration in support of the #SaveCLEVenues Fund

About The Project

After brainstorming ways to help benefit the musical community and venues, Ariel Karas and Brent Kirby decided to create an original song collaboration between different musicians in Cleveland.  They asked musicians, many of who were Cleveland Rocks Music Relief Fund recipients, to donate their time and effort to write an original song in support of Cleveland venues and musicians. Kirby facilitated an online democratic process through email where the participants individually gave song titles, which they voted on to arrive at the song title “When The Lights Come On Again”. Then he fielded different song part ideas (verses, chorus, etc) from the participants, which he then combined to create a verse, bridge and chorus. With that Kirby asked the participants to sing the chorus, a verse with words/melody/phrasing all their own, and then the chorus again. The content gathered, Kirby went to Jim Stewart Recording with Jim Stewart engineering, and pieced all of it together, editing the participants verses, pre-chorus, and chorus to create a complete track. The right of the song and distribution will be given to the non-profit Cleveland Rocks and will use the materials created to promote donations to Cleveland Rocks, and put a regional and possible a national spotlight on our Cleveland music community. 

Give to the #SaveCLEVenues Fund

The #SaveCLEVenues fund is designed to benefit struggling independent live music venues in the greater Cleveland area who launched many of the musicians we know. 

Special Thank You to Bud Light for their generous support of “When The Lights Come Again” and the #SaveCLEVenues Fund

Bud Light

Help Us Reach Our #SaveCLEVenues Donation Goal: $10,000

Last Updated: 4/7/2021
#SaveCLEVenues Fund

"When The Lights Come On Again" Credits

  • “When The Lights Come On Again” written in collaboration with participating artists
  • Song arranged and produced by Brent Kirby and Jim Stewart at Jim Stewart Recording, Cleveland OH
  • Engineered and mixed by Jim Stewart at Jim Stewart Recording, Cleveland, OH
  • Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio, Cleveland, OH
  • Executive Producers – Ariel Karas/Opus 216, Brent Kirby, Cleveland Rocks, Past, Present & Future, Goldfarb Weber Creative Media
  • Additional video content provided by Ryan Laubenthal
  • Video editing and production by Goldfarb Weber Creative Media

Thanks to the talented musicians and artists who contributed their time and energy:

Chris Allen
(Roosevelt, Falling Stars, Ohio City Singers)
Alex Bevan
Victor Beyens  
(OPUS 216)
Austin Walkin Cane
Jenna Fournier
(Niights, Kid Tigrrr)
Jul Big Green
Sam Hooper
Carlos Jones
(Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band)
  Facebook  Twitter
Ariel Karas  (OPUS 216)
Bryan Karas 
(OPUS 216)
Trevor Kazarian 
(OPUS 216)
Kyle Kidd
Brent Kirby
(Jack Fords, New Soft Shoe)
Jen Maurer 
(Mo Mojo)
Theresa May
(Mourning [A] BLKstar)
Michael McFarland
Jason Meyers
Davidione Pearl
(Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival)
Maura Rogers
DJ $crilla  (i.e. Chris Harris)
Afi Scruggs
Mikey Silas
Megan Stepka
Lamont Thomas
William Washington
(Mourning [A] BLKstar)
Leigh Ann Wise  (Mo Mojo)
Jacob Wynne

The Story Behind "When The Lights Come On Again"

Ariel Clayton Karas and Brent Kirby discuss the inspiration behind and making of “When The Lights Come On Again.” 

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