#SaveCLEVenues Fund

The SaveCLEVenues fund continues after an online auction in November raised nearly $25,000. The online auction on Rust Belt Revival was created by Angie Hetrick of Axon Creative Agency and included a wide variety of donated rock and roll memorabilia. The critical funds helped some of the area’s music clubs – such as the Grog Shop, Beachland Ballroom & Tavern, Happy Dog and Bop Stop – to stay afloat during the difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present, and Future, is keeping the SaveCLEVenues fund going to help more live music clubs in the Greater Cleveland area that are struggling.

We’re going to keep fighting for funding at all levels, and that fight isn’t over. We know folks in the community want to do something to help us out and to stay connected while we can’t be together. This auction (was) a great way for fans to have fun, stay connected through the mutual love of music and help make sure our live independent music venues have a future. — Happy Dog owner Sean Watterson

The SaveCLEVenues fund will provide Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present, and Future with a way to help area clubs, who launched many of the musicians we know. While continuing the Northeast Ohio Music Relief Fund, which has to-date raised more than $35,000 and supported more than 80 musicians and venue workers, these monies will be directed to area venues who share their need due to the impacts of the closures and ongoing limits due to the current public health crisis, COVID-19. Feel free to support either SaveCLEVenues or NEO Music Relief Fund when you donate to Cleveland Rocks PPF.

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