Cleveland Music Awards Announces 2022 Winners!

We would like to take a moment to thank Cleveland Music Awards for honoring our hometown’s amazing musical talents and for their ongoing support of our mission to keep live music thriving in Cleveland.

We would also like to congratulate three of the 2022 winners whom we have directly worked with and supported through our programming.  For BEST BLUES, we congratulate Austin Walkin’ Cane. For BEST FOLK, we congratulate Brent Kirby. For BEST NEW ARTIST, we congratulate Shoreline Funk Allstars. For BEST JAZZ, we congratulate Hubb’s Groove who shared this sentiment with us:

From myself, Robert Hubbard and Hubb’s Groove, we would just like to thank both you and the Team for supporting local artists here in Cleveland, OH. Just recently Hubb’s Groove won the Best in Jazz from the Cleveland Music Awards and we wanted to express our utmost gratitude to you all for playing such an intricate role in us obtaining this achievement. We are forever grateful to you and all you do!

Congratulations to all and deep gratitude for all you bring to Cleveland’s music community!

2022 Cleveland Music Awards Winners

  • Alternative – Ghostatic
  • Blues – Austin Walkin
  • Country – Bronx Country
  • Cover – Bad Ju Ju
  • DJ – Smoov
  • Female – Chrissy Strong
  • Folk – Brent Kirby
  • Hall of Fame – M.C. Brainz
  • Hip Hop – Chelsea Pastel
  • Jazz – Hubb’s Groove
  • Latin – The Labra Brothers
  • New Artist – Shoreline Funk Allstars
  • Male – Gary Gomez
  • Metal – Paradox Drift
  • Punk – Detention
  • Producer – Josh Maunus
  • Promoter – Tom Otter
  • R&B – Stazia
  • Radio Host – Ray Carr
  • Reggae – Carlos Jones & the P.L.U.S. Band
  • Rock – Wake Magnolia
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