Girl Cologne Announces New Single “My Baby”

Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 20, 2023 – Girl Cologne’s new single “My Baby,” produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Fiona Apple), is set to release on March 24th 2023 with Tragic Hero Records.

Girl Cologne is a four-piece band that makes music for the disillusioned young person trying to navigate situations that, for many, define young adulthood. Members Jenna Seeman (she/her; vocals/keyboard), Cade Cubbison (he/him; guitar), Parker Disalvo (he/him; drums), and Em Kmiecik (they/them; bass) met at the School of Rock in Cleveland, Ohio. Desperate for an outlet to channel the restlessness inherent to adolescence and unable to remember the word “perfume,” Girl Cologne was born. 

The band’s sound is uniquely modern while rooted in classic influences; Girl Cologne harnesses the turbulent energy of youth and sweetens it with a dash of 90’s nostalgia to create a sound that is equal parts impassioned and sophisticated. Think bands such as Mom Jeans, The Regrettes, and Peach Pit.

Beyond their sonic ambiance, the members of Girl Cologne pride themselves on their commitment to certain social challenges including LGBTQ+ liberation and chronic illness. Front-woman, Seeman, is open about her own struggle with POTS since having been diagnosed at age 17: “Performing isn’t easy for anyone, but especially not someone with chronic illness. We want to show people it’s possible.”

When asked about the message behind “My Baby,” Seeman explains, “the song is about the start of a new relationship and all the nerves and excitement that come along. Testing the waters with someone new, hoping they might be the right fit, needing them to be. It’s about the vulnerability of telling someone you love them, and praying they say it back.”

“My Baby” precedes the release of Girl Cologne’s full-length album set to drop later this year.

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Tragic Hero Music Group
2230 Superior Ave E. Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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