Wednesday Songs and Stages #2

Michelle Gaw & Liz Kelly

Cleveland Rocks: Past Present Future presents Wednesday Songs & Stages, a live stream concert series supporting 10 Northeast Ohio Music Relief Fund grant recipients and the local venues like The Grog Shop, that have historically provided opportunities for our Cleveland musicians. The series has been funded by the Ohio Arts Council, partially sponsored by Evergreen Podcasts, and made possible with generous support from Gotta Groove Records and Visible Voice Books.

Live Streamed from the Grog Shop on September 30, 2020.

Here’s a little bit about the featured artists CRPPF has supported with the Northeast Ohio Music Relief Fund and continue to support with its Wednesday Songs and Stages programming:

Michelle Gaw is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. She has been writing and performing music for the last seven years. Gaw finds inspiration through making observations that are equal parts quirk and soul. Her songs often confront the heavier and darker parts of life, but they are rarely left without a joke or two. Her delivery often feels conversational, though her songs are melodically rich. Gaw founded Mimi Arden, a trio band consisting of Lee Kolarik (drummer) and Matt Miller (bassist), which she is the sole songwriter of. Mimi Arden expands upon Gaw’s songwriting ideas, breathing fresh life and meaning into her work.

Liz Kelly is the front woman and songwriter for Cleveland rock band The Village Bicycle. She writes fun, upbeat songs about outer space, cognitive dissonance, and the abject horror of modern life. Major influences include Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis, Linda Ronstadt, Leonard Cohen, and the riot grrrl movement. A board certified Music Therapist, Liz is passionate about using music therapy to connect with and treat those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. She is beyond grateful to everyone who continues to support live music and music venues during these difficult times.

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