Story Behind the Brew: Lights On Lager. The One for All, All for One Venue Brew

Beer.  Live Music.  Venues.  Combine the three and it’s bound to be a memorable evening.  Throw in a pandemic and industry shutdown tho and these sorts of memories aren’t able to be made.  However, with rallying spirit, Cleveland’s music community has found an unforgettable way to celebrate the spirt of all three.  In a can.

Introducing “Lights On Lager,” a dry-hopped lager created in a unique partnership with Jolly Scholar Brewery and the Baenum Hop Farm.  Eric Kufel (Baenum Hop Farm) provided the hops and Matt Van (Jolly Scholar) provided the backbone behind this beer’s existence.  Aside from being delicious, Lights On Lager visually showcases the personalities of four Cleveland venues: The Grog Shop, The Beachland Ballroom, The Happy Dog, and Mahalls.  Each venue utilized their own designers to create a label and the final results make for a genuine collectors’ item.  Shout out to Geof Agneberg (The Beachland Ballroom), Jake Kelly (Grog Shop), Jason Look (Happy Dog) and Haley Himoko Hudson Morris (Mahalls) for the inventive designs.  The goal of this brew is to remind us all that live music will return and until it does, purchasing this beer can help support these four beloved venues. 

“Lights On Lager” Collectors’ Cans

You can pre-order Lights On Lager and pick it up this Saturday, 2/6 at The Beachland Ballroom (12pm-5pm) and/or The Grog Shop (2pm)! It will also be available at all local Heinens.

How did this brew come to fermentation?  We talked with Mark Leddy, co-owner of The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, while cans were being pressed at Sibling Revelry Brewery last week.  Check it out below. If you need any more inspiration to try this beer, Mark delivers!

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