The Story Behind the Song: When the Lights Come On Again

In Cleveland and across the globe, COVID19 has shut down music venues, eliminated steady income for musicians and venue workers, and kept us all from enjoying the in-person concert experience we treasure. It’s destroyed our life-line to live music with wrecking ball force, and left musicians and fans a bit uncertain about the future of music.  With classic Cleveland grit, the music community has risen to face these challenges with a powerful momentum resulting in a collective effort to support its venues and musicians.

In one outstanding effort, two Cleveland musicians jumped at the opportunity to help and created one of the most unique musical collaborations Cleveland has ever seen.  Brent Kirby and Ariel Clayton Karas are the backbone behind the new single, “When the Lights Come On Again” a song that ultimately brought together eighteen musicians of various genres in the most complex collaborative process imaginable.  The song, mixed and engineered by Jim Stewart of Superior Sound Recording Studio, resonates with hope and reveals the strength and dedication local musicians carry in light of the dark venues and empty stages across this town, country, and all seven continents. 

Music fans love the stories behind a song, and the perspectives Kirby and Karas share will indeed leave you hungry to hear “When the Lights Come On Again.”  The song and video will be released this February, but before it lands on your laptop or phone, find the story behind “When the Lights Come On Again” below.  

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